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The Tech City Apprenticeship is a unique new programme for young people in East London. They get a chance to learn (and earn) with some of the top tech businesses on their doorstep. Top East London businesses get to work with, and help mould, the next generation of digital talent. It's a win-win for everyone.

The Tech City Apprenticeship Year 001
Starts September 2013

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  • What's a TCA?

    The 'Tech City Apprenticeship' aims to give 500 unemployed young Londoners the chance to work in the capital's most exciting digital companies. And that's where you come in. The programme has been developed directly with leading digital and IT firms in Shoreditch, the City and the East End of London to ensure it matches your specific needs. It's based on the nationally recognised framework, but takes into account the unique mix of entrepreneurial, agency and tech firms in and around 'Tech City'.

    Creative and Digital Media Apprenticeships have been developed with:

    The IT Software & Apps Development, and Systems & Operations Apprenticeships have been developed with:

  • What TCA's are available?

    Level 3 Apprenticeships

    • Business Administration and Front of House
    • IT Helpdesk and Social Media Support

    Level 4 Apprenticeships

  • Why consider it?

    Creative roles have grown 51% in Hackney in the last 10 years. Software developers and project managers are hard to recruit. Securing fresh, creative talent has never been more pressing for local companies looking to grow. TCA's are a great way to tap into a fantastic source of young, local talent that are currently being underused.

    The Tech City Futures report found that 44 percent of businesses surveyed in and around Shoreditch, Hackney and Stratford saw a lack of skilled workers as the biggest challenge to growing their business. This picture is reflected at a national level too. Almost two-thirds (65%) of UK CEOs have said that a lack of skills is hampering the growth prospects of their organisations, according to a recent report published by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. By creating apprenticeships hand-in-hand with local businesses, we're ensuring that our apprentices are learning the relevant mix of skills, with companies we all consider peers.

    We can also raise your brand profile. TCA is part of the Evening Standard's Ladder for London campaign. So, take an apprentice on and you'll join the stellar list of businesses that now appear on the Evening Standard website for all to see.

  • How does it work?

    Each apprenticeship lasts between 12 and 18 months. Apprentices spend four days a week in work and one day a week at Hackney Community College. Throughout this time we stay in touch; supporting and mentoring them, while giving advice to you, their employer, when needed. During the apprenticeship you can supervise and assess their progress as you would with any other member of staff.

    Companies can take someone for a whole apprenticeship, or you can offer 6 or 12 month placements, which we'll match with other companies to create a whole apprenticeship programme.

  • What's the cost?

    As an employee an apprentice must be paid a salary that matches their experience, and no less than the minimum wage for their age.

    For 16-18 year-old apprentices, you won't have to pay for any training costs as they are fully subsidised by the government. For 19-24 year-olds, a 50% contribution to their training cost is required.

    Total costs for an 18-month level 4 apprenticeship for someone aged over 19 are typically around £20,000. This includes training costs and wages. These costs can vary though, depending on the level and duration of the apprenticeship.

    Still too much?
    Like the idea but can't currently commit to an apprentice full-time? View Training – Hackney Community College's apprenticeship training agency — could be able to help. They can recruit, employ, pay and arrange training of apprentices on your behalf — much like the traditional recruitment agencies you probably use to manage occasional skills gaps. Interested? Contact us and we can work with you to find a suitable solution.

  • Any sweeteners?

    Many companies can get financial support to help employ their first apprentices. HCC and View Training deal with all types of grant support and will help you to tap into any financial support that's available. Currently, there are grants of £1,500 for companies who haven't taken on an apprentice in the previous 12 months. An employer can claim this grant for up to 10 apprentices.

  • What happens when it ends?

    It's completely up to you. Once the agreed contract is up there's no commitment on either side. However, apprentices often prove invaluable and help businesses to grow in a cost-effective way. In many cases they are taken on – freeing the business to bring in another apprentice. And so on.

  • How do I find out more?

    To sign up or find out more about apprenticeships:
    Call 020 7613 9430
    Or email info@viewtraining.co.uk

    To find out more about the Apprentices Training Association (ATA), download our PDF guide (1.4MB PDF).

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To sign up or find out more contact us on:

020 7613 9430